Fostering integration and understanding: Migrants and rural communities

In rural communities across Europe, the integration of migrants within the agricultural sector meets challenges and  does also have a transformative potential for the whole area. This article reflects on the intricate relationships formed as migrants become part of rural life, particularly within the social fabric of agricultural settings. Understanding and communication: The heart of […]

MILIMAT is nearing completion with significant progress

Recent progress in the MILIMAT project After the drafting of the Synthesis Report and the ‘Manual of Good Practices’, with the description of virtuous farms in building agricultural multicultural teams in the 5 participating countries, Italy, Austria, France, Greece and Spain, the project’s progress work focused on the realisation of the content of an e-learning […]

Introducing the MILIMAT Project Brochure!

We are delighted to bring you the MILIMAT project brochure, now available in English! This brochure provides an overview of the MILIMAT project, showcasing its core objectives, introducing the team driving it forward, and highlighting the expected outcomes. It serves as an indispensable resource for gaining a deeper understanding of our project and spreading the […]

Cultivating Multicultural Teams in Agriculture

MILIMAT is a 2-year project funded by the EU Erasmus+ Programme that focuses on integrating migrants into multicultural agricultural teams. It started in December 2022 with an in-person meeting in Granada (Spain) and will end in October 2024 with a final conference in Italy. The project is addressing the challenges of integrating migrant workers in […]

The MILIMAT platform is almost here!

We are currently building the MILIMAT Training and Collaboration Platform – a space designed to facilitate communication between farmers and migrant workers, share the calendar of agricultural campaigns, and access to educational materials developed through our project, among other functionalities.

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