Cultivating Multicultural Teams in Agriculture


Cultivating Multicultural Teams in Agriculture

MILIMAT is a 2-year project funded by the EU Erasmus+ Programme that focuses on integrating migrants into multicultural agricultural teams. It started in December 2022 with an in-person meeting in Granada (Spain) and will end in October 2024 with a final conference in Italy.

The project is addressing the challenges of integrating migrant workers in rural areas. MILIMAT aims to help rural entrepreneurs, farmers, and migrant workers in the agricultural sector create multicultural work teams based on mutual understanding and respect for other cultures.

How will MILIMAT achieve its goal? 

Through open and flexible training! In this way, farmers will be able to lead and manage new multicultural teams, while migrant workers will have the opportunity to integrate more easily and fairly into the labour market and society.

Meet the international team behind MILIMAT

We are an alliance of six European partners who will work together to promote social and labor inclusion on farms. Our partners come from Mediterranean countries with the highest migration flows in Europe, and a high proportion of migrant workers in the agricultural sector, such as Greece, Italy, France, and Spain. In addition, we have a partner specialised in working with migrants in an intercultural approach from Austria.

Our mission is to ensure, through training, that multicultural teams in the agricultural sector follow codes of conduct based on diversity, equality, and respect.

We believe that a multicultural work environment can create a more enriching and fulfilling work experience for all. Whether you’re a young entrepreneur, farmer, or migrant worker, MILIMAT is dedicated to providing you with the training and support you need to create or be part of a more inclusive agricultural sector.

Join us in this journey towards creating multicultural teams in agriculture, and let’s continue to drive change together!

The MILIMAT platform is almost here!

We are currently building the MILIMAT Training and Collaboration Platform – a space designed to facilitate communication between farmers and migrant workers, share the calendar of agricultural campaigns, and access to educational materials developed through our project, among other functionalities.

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