Agriculture and the Challenges of Migrant Workers

Agriculture is a crucial sector in the countries of the European Union (EU), contributing significantly to food production, employment, provision of food and raw material for various industries and rural development. Migrant workers play a significant role in this sector as they cover labor shortages and promote the economic sustainability of rural communities Main challenges […]

Social inclusion of migrants in Europe: Overcoming challenges and embracing opportunities

Europe has experienced an unprecedented influx of migrants in recent years, driven by various factors such as conflict, poverty and climate change. The integration of these migrants into European societies is a complex and multifaceted issue, with social inclusion being a key challenge. Social inclusion refers to the process of ensuring that all people, regardless […]

The MILIMAT platform is almost here!

We are currently building the MILIMAT Training and Collaboration Platform – a space designed to facilitate communication between farmers and migrant workers, share the calendar of agricultural campaigns, and access to educational materials developed through our project, among other functionalities.

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